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White Widow Issue #4 Cover T Grudge Lenticular Artist: Ale Garza


White Widow Issue #3 Cover C Lenticular Bones Artist: Mike Debalfo


White Widow Issue #4 Cover C Lenticular Wrap-Around Artist: Jesse Wichman


White Widow Issue #6 Cover V1 Inferno Lenticular Artist: Genzoman


White Widow Issue #7 Cover C Wrap-Around Lenticular Artist: C Ebas


White Widow Issue #5 Cover C Retail Lenticular Artist: Jamie Tyndall


White Widow Issue #5 Cover P School Girls Lenticular Artist: ?


White Widow Issue #3 Cover O Gala Lenticular Artist: Mike Debalfo

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Witness the birth of an entire universe!  The Absolute Comics Universe is here and it all started in earnest with the launch of the hugely popular White Widow comic by Jamie Tyndall.  This consists of 9 ongoing titles (White Widow, I Make Boys Cry, AMPED, Katrina, Duel Identity, First Defense, Wayward Sons, Darchon and Wayward Legends) and one mini-series (a four-part Markiplier event).  These stories span genres such as Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Superhero, Horror, Mystery, Comedy, Drama, Intrigue, Thrillers & much much more!


Absolute Comics Universe...


Fully Funded and a KICKSTARTER FAVORITE - We only have 5 days left, and the Push Goals are NOW REVEALED. Closing in on #1, and a bonus Metal are in the offering!

Along came a spider, and changed everything!

WHITE WIDOW is the mega hit comic and through the support of many, has become the highest circulation independent comic in the world.  It recently spun off I MAKE BOYS CRY #1 and that too has become a huge hit.

However, those are just the start of an inter-connected, shared universe line of comics from ABSOLUTE COMICS GROUPWe wanted to launch this campaign to give everyone a chance to get in on the ground floor, as well as introduce everyone this expanded universe of comics that WILL impact the world of WHITE WIDOW!