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Cover A: Issue #1

Gabrielle Garcia was a typical American girl going to college to follow in her father's footsteps - or so she thought.  One night, her father barged into her dorm room, suffering from a fatal gunshot, and injected her with... something.  That was the moment she became the White Widow.  These are Special Second Printings featuring 8 extra pages and alternate Holo-Foil Covers! Cover A features altered artwork and completely different Gold HoloFoil Edition



Titles so far include: White Widow #1 2nd Printing CVR A & #1, White Widow #1 2nd Printing CVR B


Cover B: Issue #1


Cover C: Issue #1


Cover A: Issue #2

Second Printing a special Extended Edition format that adds 12 pages of story! This special 36-page version of White Widow also comes with three brand new covers by Jamie Tyndall! White Widow narrowly escaped her first encounter with "The Group" and has now opened the mysterious file her father left her before he died. The secrets it unlocks will forever change her life.  What will she do with the legacy she uncovers? Features gold

holographic foil logo.



Titles so far include: White Widow #2 2nd Printing CVR A,

White Widow #2 2nd Printing CVR B, White Widow #2 CVR B

& White Widow #2 CVR C


Cover B2: Issue #2


Cover B: Issue #1


Cover Ca: Issue #1


White Widow must infiltrate The Group, the organization responsible for

her father's death and mother's disappearance, to find answers. But will

she survive the deadly masquerade ball she will attend to do so? Special appearance by Duel Identity's Andromeda!





Titles so far include: White Widow #3 CVR C, White Widow #3 CVR B & White Widow #3 CVR A


Cover C: Issue #3

Cover B: Issue #3

Cover A: Issue #3


Cover A: Issue #4

White Widow has reached out to the world's first super-heroine, Andromeda seeking an ally.  Little does she know that Andromeda is secretly The Group's preeminent and deadly agent, Artemis - and White Widow is her number one target!





Titles so far include: White Widow #4 CVR A & White Widow #4 CVR B


Cover B: Issue #4


Cover A: Issue #5

Led by clues her father left her, White Widow seeks an ally in the rival organization known as IMBC. Will the enemy of her enemy be her friend,

or her doom? Part one of a two-part cross-over that launches the spin-off

title I Make Boys Cry!






Titles so far include: White Widow #5 CVR A & White Widow #5 CVR B


Cover B: Issue #5


White Widow meets up with Darchon to discover the fate of her father and mother. Unfortunately for her, she finds that to find the answers she seeks, there's Hell to pay... literally! Three amazing covers by legendary artists:

Cover A by Ale Garza and Mostafa Moussa (Foil Logo); Cover B by legendary artist Tim Vigil and Sanju (Holo Metallic Ink Cover); Cover C is a wraparound lenticular cover by Blizzard Entertainment superstar artist "Genzoman"!




Titles so far include: White Widow #6 CVR A & White Widow #6 CVR B


Cover A: Issue #6

Cover B: Issue #6


White Widow has learned that her extended family may be in danger!

Now she must travel to the heart of Japan to save her grandparents.

But is she ready to face her greatest foe yet..? Because waiting for her

is Blood Widow! This is the showdown we've been waiting for.












Titles so far include: White Widow #7 CVR A

Cover A: Issue #7

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