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Cover A: Issue #1

From the creators of White Widow, this is the finale in a two-part cross-over event that began in White Widow #5 and ends here. IMBC is a group of black ops assassins who use the latest in high-tech weapons, combined with a martial prowess that begins from the time they're little girls. Will White Widow be tough enough to join them, or die trying?




Titles so far include: I Make Boys Cry #1 & I Make Boys Cry #1 CVR B & I Make Boys Cry Cover C


Cover B: Issue #1


Cover C: Issue #1

IMBC cover1jamie.jpg

White Widow has washed out of the IMBC, leaving Alpha Squad down one team member once again.  When the headmistress places former Beta Squad leader, Cazadora, in the missing slot, sparks fly.  This was precisely the contingency Slyce was hoping to avoid all along!





Titles so far include: I Make Boys Cry #2 & I Make Boys Cry #2 CVR B Holographic Foil Logo

Cover A: Issue #2

Cover B: Issue #2

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