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Darchon Blaque guards the portal between light and darkness. When nightmares from the other side threaten our reality he is the last defense.

The master of magic holds secrets that we can only begin to imagine.

What will happen when they are revealed?






Titles so far include: Darchon #1, Darchon #1 Holographic Silver Foil CVR &

Darchon #1 White Widow CVR


Cover A: Issue #1

Cover B: Issue #1

Cover Cv: Issue #1


The enigmatic Darchon has spent over a century walking among us,

seemingly impervious to all threats he has faced, both those of this world

and beyond.  Will the arrival of a mysterious new woman spell his doom?

The special "I Make Boys Cry" variant cover features artwork by series

artist Creees Art and a holographic foil logo.






Titles so far include: Darchon #2 CVR A & Darchon #2 CVR B


Cover A: Issue #2

Cover B: Issue #2


Cover A: Issue #3

The finale of a two-part crossover with White Widow, leading over from White Widow #6!  White Widow continues her quest to free the soul of her father from a threat of truly biblical proportions. Can they escape from hell itself?






Titles so far include: Darchon #3 White Widow


Cover B: Issue #3

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