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Cover A: Issue #1

Over five thousand years ago, two groups of aliens crash-landed on earth and the resulting war between them would inspire every myth, legend and fairy tale in human history! This never-before-released variant cover edition of issue #1 of Wayward Legends features new artwork and a holographic gold foil logo.





Titles so far include: Wayward Legends & #1 & Wayward Legends #1 White Widow

Cover B: Issue #1


Cover C: Issue #1


Cover A: Issue #2

After the crash, the Ulympeans and Tytans find themselves on a strange planet and new discoveries about how they have changed. How each group handles their new home and newfound powers will change the course of human history! Cover B features a foil logo and is a tie-in cover to new series "I Make Boys Cry" with artwork by top artist Eduardo Francisco!




Titles so far include: Wayward Legends #2 & Wayward Legends #2 I Make Boys Cry CVR C


Cover B: Issue #2


Cover A: Issue #3

Hurk, Temis, and Hermaz track the Nemean to Babylon, where they must

team up with the humans to try to free them from the tyranny of a rogue

band of Tytans.  The historic and world-altering conflict between these two factions starts here!






Titles so far include: Wayward Legends #3 & & Wayward Legends #3 CVR B


Cover B: Issue #3

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