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FIRST DEFENSE 01_Cover.jpg

Cover A: Issue #1

The President's daughter, Tasha Tasker, learns her destiny when she is pulled into a secret, supernatural enclave beneath the White House. She's just the latest in a long line of "First Children" who were granted powers and have

lain in stasis. Now they are waking up and she must lead them to combat a threat from beyond the stars!


Titles so far include: First Defense #1 & First Defense #1 Holographic Foil CVR


Cover B: Issue #1

FD02A Alien.jpg

Cover A: Issue #2

While Tasha Tasker takes her team of time-displaced First Children out for a night on the town, their mentor Nom fights to stay alive.



Titles so far include: First Defense #2 & First Defense #2 CVR C

I Make Boys Cry


Cover Cv: Issue #2

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