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Cover A: Issue #1

The AMPED project is a revolutionary method for giving mobility to people with that face physical challenges, by allowing them to transfer their minds into android bodies. Funded by the government, the prototypes have vast powers and military applications, which now puts the young test subjects in the cross-hairs of powerful enemies that want the technology for themselves.

Titles so far include: Amped #1, Amped #1 Blue Foil &

 Amped #1 White Widow CVR


Cover B: Issue #1

Cover: C Issue #1


Cover A: Issue #2

After the nail-biting, sold-out conclusion to the first issue, Amped

continues its saga as they face their first-ever adversaries: Giant Freaking Robots! Can these kids survive the onslaught they face? The special

"I Make Boys Cry" variant cover features artwork by series artist

Creees Art and a holographic foil logo.

Titles so far include: Amped #2 CVR A Freire, Amped #2 CVR

Make Boys Cry Holo Foil


Cover B: Issue #2

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