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We have been working with WEBTOON to create presentations of our comics to reach a new digital audience.  The delivery method is vastly different than in print or other digital versions, so it creates a rather unique experience.  We hope you enjoy reading these versions for free!


White Widow

Gabrielle Garcia was a typical American girl going to college to follow in her father's footsteps - or so she thought. One night, her father barged into her dorm room, suffering from a fatal gunshot, and injected her with... something.


That was the moment she became the White Widow.



The AMPED project is a revolutionary method for giving mobility to people with that face physical challenges, by allowing them to transfer their minds into android bodies. Funded by the government, the prototypes have vast powers and military applications, which now puts the young test subjects in the cross-hairs of powerful enemies that want the technology for themselves.



There has been a Darchon, so-called mystic master and magician, for over 125 years.  The current man that goes by the name is believed to be the current heir to the name. He would have you believe that there is only one man to protect the world from supernatural threats, and that is him...  What dark secret does he possess? Is he our savior or our doom?


Duel Identity

Artemis is the world's greatest secret asset. She's a spy, assassin and superhuman secret agent all rolled into one... until her cover is blown!


Now she must adopt a public persona as the world's first superheroine, Andromeda. Can this trained killer pretend to be something she's not?


First Defense

The President's daughter, Tasha Tasker, learns her destiny when she is pulled into a secret, supernatural enclave beneath the White House. She's just the latest in a long line of "First Children" who were granted powers and have lain in stasis. Now they are waking up and she must lead them to combat a threat from beyond the stars!



Set during the events of Hurricane Katrina, this story is inspired by the true mythology surrounding the origin of vampires in America.

Now the hurricane that bears the name of the vampire queen herself, KATRINA, will set her free on an unsuspecting modern world!



A young boy discovers a magical world filled with strange mystical creatures who come into our world through a mound in his grandparents' backyard. Niko unwittingly angers an ancient spirit and is saved by an unlikely ally in the form of Ana, a Filipino vampire from the land of Magika! Has he gone out of the frying pan and into the fire?!?


Monster Isle

A long-forgotten amusement park hidden in the everglades that was dedicated to monsters may hold a dangerous secret.

It has lain abandoned for generations.  But now it's up to the three young adventurers to discover its mysteries and protect us all!


Pandora's Blogs

Pandora is a brilliant, young high school student, and aspiring journalist.  Her world is upended when her mother must move the family. 


Now living in Legends, Florida, Pandora must uncover the appearance of a vampire? And what does he have to do with her mom's new boss?


Shadow Children

Just one step to the left of reality is a place best described as Elsewhere. It is equally a land of whimsy and merriment and a dark foreboding place of terror.


At the center of it all we find Kerju, a mystical pied piper, leading children away from home into his realm.


Wayward Legends

Over five thousand years ago, two groups of aliens crash-landed on earth and the resulting war between them would inspire every myth, legend and fairy tale in human history!

Their exploits form the basis for the entire Absolute Comics line!


Wayward Sons

Spinning off from the Wayward Legends title, Wayward Sons follows a group of young adults who have learned that their parents were once worshipped as gods throughout human history.


Now they must band together to protect humanity from their own parents.

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