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About Absolute Comics Group

Absolute Comics Group is an imprint of Red Giant Entertainment, Inc.  It was developed to give a cohesive brand to the "shared universe" titles under the Red Giant umbrella, making it easier for consumers and readers to know that the books they're reading are indeed connected.

This includes titles such as: Wayward Sons, AMPED, Katrina, Duel Identity, Wayward Legends, Darchon, First Defense and White Widow.. with many more to come.

These titles span a variety of genres, such as superhero, action, adventure, horror, thrillers, science fiction, fantasy and humor to name but a few.  However, while the various themes may differ, the one constant is that they inhabit the same world and what happens in one can invariably affect them all.

This has long been the case for the larger comic companies, but smaller independents find it harder to break through this barrier.  We believe we have cracked the code, and the successes of our initial titles in finding their audience seem to indicate that we're onto something.

Thus begins the ABSOLUTE BEST era of comics!

About Red Giant Entertainment (REDG) 

Red Giant Entertainment is an intellectual property development company in business to produce compelling, transmedia properties that become instantly recognizable to massive audiences worldwide. Key to this are the comic book publications - reaching over one million readers every week. 

It is our goal for Red Giant Entertainment to become the largest comic book publisher in the world. Our core business is dedicated to developing quality intellectual properties. 

And that's just the cornerstone of Red Giant Entertainment. As a transmedia company, the true goal is development of these intellectual properties into various ancillary media forms including: movies, television, video games, phone apps, online comics, toy lines, cartoons, T-shirts, and innumerable other merchandising opportunities. 

In fact, we already have several movies in various stages of production, and more being developed right now. 

At Red Giant Entertainment, we believe that above all else, our business should be based on quality: 


  • Quality in the books we produce.

  • Quality in the retailers we work with.

  • Quality for the audience we serve.


The sky isn't a limit - it's our starting point.

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