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Absolute Flipbook

Cover A: Issue #1

Absolute Flipbook is an anthology series that will act as an "incubator" of sorts for various comics and concepts that may or may not fit into the Absolute Universe.  Each issue will feature at least two distinct titles in a "flip book" format. 


Titles that gain popularity may move out into their own ongoing series or mini-series within the Absolute Universe, or if they don't fit our overarching narrative, they could find a hole in the Red Giant lineup of titles.  Regardless of their ultimate fate, we feel strongly that each of the great concepts deserve a decent shot and this puts their fate in the hands of the most important decision-makers... YOU the audience!

Titles so far include: Monster Isle and Pandora's Blogs


Cover B: Issue #1


Cover: A Issue #2

Cover: B Issue #2

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