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Cover A: Issue #1

Set during the events of Hurricane Katrina, this story is inspired by the real mythology surrounding the origin of vampires in America. Now the hurricane that bears the name of the vampire queen herself, will set her free on an unsuspecting modern world!





Titles so far include: Katrina #1 & Katrina #1 White Widow CVR


Cover B: Issue #1


Cover A: Issue #2

Henry and Jacqueline take shelter from Hurricane Katrina in the nearby Ursuline Convent.  This takes them on a collision path with their final destiny, as they witness the rise of the vampire queen awakening from her slumber! The special "I Make Boys Cry" variant cover features artwork by series artist Creees Art and a holographic foil logo.




Titles so far include: Katrina #2 & Katrina #2 CVR Holo Foil Logo


Cover B: Issue #1

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